Meet the MD

Toni Stewart - Managing director of Fortitude Plethora Ltd


Hi my name is Toni Stewart, and I’m the managing director of Fortitude Plethora.

As a company we are devoted to providing an excellent service to our clients and the best opportunity for the people who work within the company.

I am 27 years old and originally from Northern Ireland where I lived with my Mum and little sister. My dad lives in New York, where we plan to expand to in the future.

Like a lot of teenagers when I left school I didn’t have any idea of the career path I wanted to go down. All I knew I wanted to help people and make a difference in some way. I was torn between Law and Psychology, they both interested me as they are people-based fields. I studied a BSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moore’s University, purely because I wanted to understand the minds of people and why there was a difference in the way people thought which now relates to everything I do on a day-to-day basis within the company.


I was really interested in sport and very driven in all aspects of life and work. My main hobby was playing Gaelic football for three years where I captained my team. Not only in sport did I prove my dedication but also in my education as well as having won awards for top Media Studies and Health and Social care.

I found the marketing sector back in 2012 in Liverpool where I was given the opportunity to start in entry level sales, and I loved it! I loved the people, the buzz and the environment. I planned to work part-time and study a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, but I soon realised I could pursue a career in marketing and made the choice to commit and learn to run a business.


The industry to me is everything I have ever hoped for. My aim was to help people and now I do that day-in-day-out by providing an opportunity where people can grow and develop to a level they feel comfortable.

Since the opening of Fortitude Plethora I have seen the business grow from strength to strength and it’s all about the people.

“People make a business. Without the understanding, communication and determination of people, there would be no business.”


The goal for us as a company is to expand and grow into pretty much every city in the UK and eventually internationally as well. We plan to create a legacy and an amazing opportunity for the people who are involved.

Sometimes people wait for things to happen, I believe that making things happen for yourself results in great recognition and success in any industry. My advice to any young aspiring entrepreneurs out there is surround yourself with positive people, do what you believe you can do and do it to your full potential, never listen to the naysayers.