Fortitude Plethora: Women Are Making Their Mark on the Business World

Led by successful female entrepreneur Toni Stewart, Fortitude Plethora has always been an advocate of equality in entrepreneurship. The firm has released a statement on a recent report that women are, for the first-time, outperforming men in the world of entrepreneurship.

It is time to change people’s perspective and treat women entrepreneurs equally to their male counterparts, believes Toni Stewart, female entrepreneur and managing director of Fortitude Plethora, one of Manchester’s leading event marketing agencies. Back in 2012, Toni Stewart stepped into the marketing sector in an entry-level role. Being excited by the buzz of the industry, she worked her way up and formed her own business, Fortitude Plethora. Toni Stewart has bagged a number of awards from industry consultants for her achievements over the past few years.

Fortitude Plethora plays a crucial role in promoting entrepreneurship for everyone. Entrepreneurship has often been viewed as a male orientated industry. Fortitude Plethora wants to change this cliché and sets a great example for women who are planning to open up and run their own successful business. The firm points out that the results of a new study show that women entrepreneurs are in fact outperforming male entrepreneurs all over the world. The analysis of more than 450,000 seed-crowd-funding campaigns reveals that in 2015 and 2016, women led campaigns across the world and a wide range of sectors, locations and cultures were 32 per cent more successful than those led my men.

Toni Stewart of Fortitude Plethora says that the study could have an encouraging impact on a number of women choosing to pursue entrepreneurship. In addition to that, it could inspire government bodies, other businesses, or investors to change their perspective and adjust to the new trend, making it easier for women to find support and go after the career they dream of.

Entrepreneurship is for all, insists Fortitude Plethora. The firm is particularly known for helping all aspiring entrepreneurs to get the support needed and access to the relevant information and guidance in order to start up their own successful business. Based in Manchester, Fortitude Plethora is committed to raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf by running effective event marketing campaigns. Having made their mark on the business world in the UK and in line with their current success, the firm is now preparing to expand nationwide. Plans to take the business overseas are also currently under discussion.