Fortitude Plethora On Why they are Taking things Back to Basics

After holding a series of meetings for young professionals on the grassroots of a successful business, Fortitude Plethora has released a statement on why they are urging people to take things back to basics.  

As event marketing experts, Fortitude Plethora is aware of the advantages of direct marketing strategies and how it can help boost brand awareness and increase sales revenue. The firm places their clients at the centre of their operations and specialises in delivering bespoke event marketing campaigns for the brands they represent.

Through face-to-face communication, Fortitude Plethora can directly interact with consumers, where they gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and build a rapport that leads to increases customer acquisitions.

By shunning complicated and expensive digital marketing techniques, the firm is convinced their back to basics approach to marketing has directly contributed to their continued success. They are now encouraging more companies to consider integrating face-to-face communications into their direct marketing strategies to experience sustainable levels of success.

Discussing why the firm believes success lies in being uncomplicated, Fortitude Plethora’s Managing Director, Toni Stewart said “In the competitive sales and marketing industry, many businesses become overwhelmed by their desire to stand out and often over complicate their marketing strategy or lose sight of their focus and objectives. By taking a step back and focusing on just the core elements, many entrepreneurs will be surprised by how well basic systems work. It’s certainly something we can attest to, and it has seen us experience a record level of growth.”

During one of their recent workshops with young professionals, Fortitude Plethora outlined the some of the key elements to remember for individuals wanting to take a back to basics approach to business and how this can lead to success.

It’s (still) all about the people – According to the latest research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute only 37% of B2B marketers and 40% of B2C marketers have a written content marketing plan. Fortitude Plethora was astonished by these findings and believe that more business owners need to ensure that they are putting their clients and consumer needs first and have a clear and straightforward strategy on how they can achieve this.

Strategy doesn’t just happen – During their recent workshop, Fortitude Plethora stated that the key to a successful, back to basics strategy is having a clear understanding of client and consumer needs and having the ability to view things from their perspective. Fortitude Plethora goes on to explain that once business owners can achieve this, they will be better equipped to tailor their direct marketing strategy.

Based in Manchester, Fortitude Plethora is committed to raising brand awareness for their clients’ products through personalised event promotions.