Fortitude Plethora Discuss Whether Entrepreneurs are Born or Made

In search of a definitive answer to the age-old business question of whether entrepreneurs are born or made, sales and marketing firm Fortitude Plethora has discovered an interesting study. 

Manchester based sales and event marketing company, Fortitude Plethora, specialise in delivering engaging face-to-face marketing campaigns on behalf of some of the UK’s top brands. The firm believes that the face-to-face approach drives consumers engagement, brand loyalty and builds a wider reaching market presence for their clients, securing long-term growth and market saturation. In addition to providing their clients with a first-class service, Fortitude Plethora works with aspiring entrepreneurs, providing regular mentoring and networking opportunities to help them gain the skills and knowledge needed to progress and succeed in the industry.

In business, there has for a long time been conflicting opinions on whether people are born entrepreneurs, or if they can learn the skills and attitudes they need to be successful. A recent study into the business behaviour of more than 1700 sets of twins, it has been claimed that entrepreneurs are genetically made for success.

The study was led by scientists Nicos Nicolaou and Scott Shane and looked into education, self-employment status, income, and entrepreneurial attitudes together with the chemical mechanisms in the brain that are swayed more towards the likelihood of entrepreneurship. It found that some genes make certain people more sensitive to the development of entrepreneurial traits.

Fortitude Plethora agrees in part that some people do have natural habits and attitudes that can’t be taught, and therefore will succeed as entrepreneurs.  However, the firm has a stronger belief that if someone has the ambition to succeed and the commitment to working hard, they can learn the skills and traits they need to become an entrepreneur.

Fortitude Plethora support and work with various young entrepreneurs who had not previously considered it before. The firm uses a combination of mentoring, seminars, networking, and daily training to prepare young entrepreneurs and help them exceed their potential regardless of their genetics, academic qualifications or previous business experience.