About Us


Fortitude Plethora provides a quick and easy route to market clients products in different sectors, these include; Finance, Beauty and Telecommunications.

At Fortitude Plethora we believe in putting our clients, our people and our progression as a company at the forefront of every decision made. The professional image and approach of our people is one stand out aspect of the company.
In a nutshell, the clients are at the heart of what we do, we take clients with little or no advertising budget and help them boost brand awareness and increase sales revenue.
Brand loyalty is important as initial representation has a lasting effect on someone’s decision making when it comes to the world of marketing. We believe at Fortitude that interaction with consumers and clients gives us an edge as rapport and longevity is needed to maintain relationships and provide long-lasting results.
Since opening in August 2014, managing director Toni Stewart has grown personally and professionally. The company through her lead has tested campaigns in Los Angeles, Australia and Ireland.
The goal for the future is to strengthen our roots in Manchester by taking on 8 new clients; moving into the sports, media and health industries. We also plan to build a solid foundation by opening 4 new offices here by summer 2018, and 10 by end of the year.
The long-term goal is to break international records and expand into New York within 3/4 years time. We have A LOT to be excited about!

Why Choose Us

Quick Implementation of Marketing Strategy

Within 6 weeks of hiring us, we will have planned, executed and achieved results for your marketing campaign.

Relationship Marketing

• Customer Loyalty
• Referrals
• Improved Longerity
• Accurate Reporting

Targeted Advertising

• 2.7 times More Revenue
• Reduce Marketing Spend
• Economic Efficiency
• Tailored Campaigns

Event Marketing

• Flexible Targeting
• Cost Effective
• Rapid Results
• Ease of Management

Company Goals

1. Get ahead of the competition.
2. Break records on a weekly basis.
3.Travel worldwide and test campaigns.
4. Be world class and renowned for our excellence.
5. Have FUN and make what we do enjoyable.

“If you’re not having fun you’re not making money, if you’re not making money you’re not having fun”

– Toni Stewart, CEO

Core Values:


Saying what we mean and meaning what we say, we believe that every plan needs to be backed up with an action!


Trueness to ourselves , our business partners and our client we believe will earn mutual respect which will in turn build long lasting relationships.


We believe that together we can achieve higher standards and coherence for our clients so that they gain a high level of success from the way in which we work.


Being driven and determined to go above and beyond expectations is a key foundation here at Fortitude Plethora.