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Welcome to Fortitude.

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"Driven Sales & Marketing Consultants"

Event Marketing

Fortitude Plethora Ltd is passionate about exposing potential new customers to products and services in a way that will resonate with them. The face-to-face interaction delivers maximum impact, and Fortitude Plethora Ltd effectively presents offers to targeted consumers that result in quality sales.

Marketing Plan

Every company should have a business plan and a marketing plan. Without a marketing plan involving testing and measurement, a business cannot effectively allocate marketing expenditures. Unlike longer term strategic documents, we regularly revise our marketing plans to ensure optimal results are being generated.

Client Investment

We’ll make a clean and objective view of your current operations, recommend ways to improve the marketing structure, identify the most productive market segments and find new routes to reach those customers. Fortitude Plethora Ltd are serious about protecting client’s investment in their projects.

Quality Control

We have established rigorous quality control procedures to insure that each project meets the highest levels of acquisition quality, sales quality and data quality. Our full service process management schedule provides clients with a managed post acquisition admin process to ensure accurate data gathering.

What We Do

Our amazing features & services and others listed below

Event Marketing

Generating leads, confirming sales or direct marketing campaigns can be developed here at Fortitude Plethora Ltd. We connect customers to your products. We use a strategy which will effectively increase the number of leads and/or sales as required by your business. To understand our processes and how we can specifically tailor them to you contact us today. By interacting in person with your customers we can control the perception in your customers mind. So we set up small events and indoor promotions on behalf of our clients. Our focus is producing instant results there and then and creating maximum brand awareness through dealing with a variety of customers.

Brand Loyalty

At Fortitude Plethora Ltd we understand the degree to which a consumer consistently purchases the same brand within a product line. We act to ensure a loyalty to your brand is constant and repeat purchases are made. We use word of mouth advocacy through new and existing customers. We understand many factors such as trust, satisfaction, buying behaviour and perceived value play an important role in the loyalty to your brand.

Geographical Targeting

Fortitude Plethora Ltd can deliver Geo-targeting marketing or promotional campaigns if required by clients. This means that if you have a product that needs to be marketed to a specific location, country, region or city we can offer a suitable campaign for you that is personally tailored around your target demographic. Many customers may choose to use a non-specific geographical marketing campaign for majority of their product line and choose to use specific re-targeting for a ‘special deal’ or ‘one-off promotion’. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss in more detail whether or not the use of Geo-targeting could prove better results for your promotional marketing campaign.

Brand Awareness

Fortitude Plethora Ltd will ensure positive attention and awareness is drawn to your brand. We do this through presentation in person or at local events. Brand Awareness is a form of marketing that we uptake on your behalf and encourage consumer understanding of your brands existence. Brand recognition is the extent to which a brand is recognized for stated brand attributes, parts, offerings, or communications.

Quick Implementation of Marketing Strategy

Within 6 weeks of hiring us, we will have planned, executed and achieved results for your marketing campaign.

Cost-Effective Campaign Management

Outsourcing your marketing campaign doesn’t need to break the bank. At Fortitude Plethora Ltd we promise to deliver maximum results at a price you couldn’t say no to.

100% Guaranteed ROI

Our direct marketing methods provide a guaranteed return on investment. Plus we work on a pay-on-results policy, meaning you just pay us for the results we make to ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget.

High Customer Retention Rates

High Customer Retention Rates

Acquisition Numbers Reported Daily

We have an efficient reporting system for our clients which provide acquisition numbers daily as well as an outline of the campaign’s progress. This way, our customers always stay in the know.

Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships